Data-driven, Actionable, Cuts the Carline

It's amazing to see the ZoomX traffic data and put against what I physically see during dismissal. It’s a huge help to see how our pickup carline runs, and where we can make changes.

School Director of Physical Plant,
Strategic Design Facilitator

I love the fact that we can see traffic reports to measure the success of school operational changes we test for improving traffic flow. It's a great tool.

School Head

Traffic Study

With ZoomX Traffic Study, you'll have the data you need to pinpoint pickup traffic bottlenecks so you can cut your carline congestion to save time for parents and neighbors.

The traffic delays and congestion caused by school pickups are a huge challenge shared by nearly every K-8 school. Safely helping hundreds of students into the right car, with the right carpool, and the right parent takes time. And unfortunately leads to congestion and long carlines.

ZoomX solves that problem.

Many schools contract with traditional one-off traffic studies that are expensive and take months to complete. And, while they certainly offer value, they are limited in the types of information they can provide, and cannot provide ongoing feedback to a school's operational changes.

The ZoomX platform takes the high cost and long lead-time out of traffic study, and replaces it with a solution that is highly affordable, and uniquely valuable in the ongoing site-specific traffic data it provides.

With ZoomX, school administrators and plant managers can see up regular reports (monthly, weekly or daily) of afterschool pickup traffic flow, changes, and bottlenecks. And, with that data, administrators have the power to consider school operational changes, implement them, and receive site-specific data to provide an invaluable feedback loop to cutting traffic and congestion.

Get Actionable Data-Driven Traffic Reports

With ZoomX traffic reports you get site-specific, data-driven reports that give you the information you need to take action to cut your afterschool pickup carline. Whether you're looking to learn which days or times are your worst bottleneck, or needing to compare how operational changes are working, ZoomX Traffic Report gives you the data you need.

Save time for parents, teachers, neighbors

Using ZoomX Traffic Report, you can cut your pickup carline. And a shorter carline, means saved time for your parents, teachers and neighbors. And that saved time can translate into fewer angry emails or calls from those parents or neighbors. Which is a data point every school can relate to.

Learn More with Traffic Data Served Your Way

ZoomX Traffic Study gives you many ways to see your data. Because being able to look from different angles often leads to greater insights to solving traffic problems. Whether by day/date, time-of-day, school grouping, or other metric, ZoomX gives administrators the power to see data from a variety of angles. Because you never know where your best answer may come from.

Save Money, Get More With ZoomX Traffic Report

When it comes to traffic studies, while they can come with nice info, they usually come with a hefty price tag. ZoomX Traffic Study is a fraction of the cost of a traditional traffic study, and in a key way, gives you more. Incorporating data updated daily, through the ebb and flow of the school year, it is a "living traffic study" that can offer insights beyond what a traditional study can.

Get Help With City or Town Permit Process

For many schools, the process of working through permit process with their city or town is a tough one. Schools that use the ZoomX platform to coordinate dismissals, speed pickups, and leverage ZoomX Traffic Study, can find the process more forgiving. Because schools can show the steps they're taking to minimize traffic congestion and delays. And that's something every city and town appreciates.

Cut Carline CO2 Emissions with the Traffic Data You Need

Every minute one car is stuck waiting in a pickup carline is one minute of added carbon emission and pollution. Multiply by hundreds of cars per day, 175 school days a year, and it's easy to see the power schools have to cut carbon emissions and pollution by cutting unnecessary carline congestion and delays. And ZoomX Traffic Study is made to cut the carline.

Take Control of Your Traffic

Cut Afterschool Congestion and Long Pickup Lines

See your traffic trends
in a glance

Whether monthly, weekly or other, administrators can see in a glance of their ZoomX summary of the school's traffic trends. Which gives them a sense for pickup traffic areas that are running smooth, bumpy or somewhere in between. Actionable information in a glance.

Take a deeper look at your traffic

When a glance isn't quite enough, it may be time to look a little deeper for traffic trends and bottlenecks. ZoomX provides traffic reporting that can compare by the year, month, week or day. For things like wait times, loading times, number of cars, and pickups. Things that can help you get a handle on your afterschool traffic.

Check your traffic by day

'Thank goodness it's Friday', or NOT?! That can be the question. With ZoomX Traffic Report you can see which days of the week may be your bottleneck days, and which aren't. This can give you the data you need to sort out why, and how to solve. Otherwise you're just guessing. Which is never the best approach to coming up with the right answer.

Get traffic by time-of-day

For most schools their pickup traffic is good some times of day, but, not all. But which times of day are long and slow, and how long and slow are they? ZoomX Traffic Study gives you the answer with time-of-day traffic details. Which can pinpoint when a particular dismissal window (or windows) needs extra help to cut the congestion and traffic.

The ZoomX Dismissal, Pickup, Afterschool and Traffic Study modules are powerful alone but they were built to work even better together.



Many K-8 schools are burdened with insufficient, outdated or mismatched dismissal workflows that waste teacher, staff and parent time. ZoomX replaces those wasteful systems with a platform that provides more secure dismissals in a fast and easy way that cuts stress, cuts confusion, and saves up to 3,000 teacher, staff and parent hours each year.


Afterschool pickups, long carlines, and congestion pain parents nearly as much as they do school administrators who must answer the complaints of parents and neighbors alike. Zoomx cuts the stress, pollution and wasted time of afterschool pickups, and speeds the carline, with its app to connect and coordinate drivers, carpools, and school staff in a way that can cut up to 1,500 hours each year.


Schools face a daunting slate of tasks in managing afterschool programs, and often must use inefficient, mismatched, or partial solutions. ZoomX offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to communicate program transitions to teachers and staff, manage enrollment, take attendance, and quickly and easily manage billing for drop-in students.


Until now, to cut long pickup carlines, schools have had to choose between having no actionable traffic data, or paying the high cost of a traditional traffic study. But, with ZoomX Traffic Study, schools can get a data-driven, “living” traffic study at a fraction of the cost.

Start providing faster
and more secure dismissals today

With a platform that is fast and easy to use, getting started with saving time and providing more secure dismissals is simple.

ZoomX Traffic Study gives school heads and administrators the data they need to make changes to cut pickup carline congestion.

  • Affordable Traffic Study

    ZoomX Traffic Study is affordable and costs a fraction of traditional studies, and provides more feedback.

  • Living Traffic Study

    Unlike traditional studies, ZoomX Traffic Study is a "living" traffic study, in the ongoing updates and feedback it provides.

  • At-a-Glance Summary

    To keep an eye on traffic, ZoomX provides quick and easy at-a-glance summary reports packed with details in a fast view.

  • Customizable Schedule

    ZoomX can provide traffic reporting on a schedule that meets your needs, whether monthly, weekly, or even daily.

  • Data-driven Reports

    ZoomX Traffic Reports are data-driven, with site-specific metrics that give administrators the information they need to assess and address their traffic.

  • Actionable reports

    ZoomX gives schools the details they need to know to take action to cut long pickup carlines and traffic congestion.

  • Reports
    for Use Permits

    When it's time to meet with city or town officials for school site use permits, ZoomX Traffic Reports help smooth and speed the way.

  • Detailed Reports

    When detail matters (as it usually does), ZoomX Traffic Reports provide it: analysis by month, week, day-of-week, and even time-of-day.

  • No Added Hardware Needed

    The ZoomX platform requires no added hardware for the school site. No cameras, plate or IR readers to install. And no added equipment for parents or cars.

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Take control of your carpools, dismissals and pickups with this powerful, easy-to-use platform.

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  • Pickup Arrival Updates
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  • Billing Reports


Cut your carline traffic congestion with the traffic reports you need, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Advanced level features and tools, plus...
  • Living Traffic Study
  • Site-specific data
  • Data-driven Reports
  • At-a-Glance Summary
  • Actionable reports
  • Reports for Use Permits
  • Month/Week Reports
  • Day-of-Week Breakdowns
  • Time-of-Day Details
  • Hardware-Free Traffic Study