Fast, Easy, More Secure

In one simple click I see all my students and each of their carpool and dismissal instructions, in one easy place. It just makes my day so much simpler.

Zoe, 3rd grade teacher.

I like how much time ZoomX saves. I love its simple design and ease of use.

Brian, school parent

Carpool and Dismissal Instructions

With ZoomX Dismissals you’ll save teacher and staff time while providing your students more secure dismissals.

Schools face the huge challenge of dismissal every school day. Hundreds of students, hundreds more parents and caregivers. Sending, setting, changing, updating hundreds of carpool and dismissal instructions to many dozens of teachers and staff.

ZoomX solves that problem.

Many schools still use a homemade solution or software that is well-intended but mis-matched to the K-8 school setting and dynamics. These systems create confusion that lead to wasted time and stressful and less safe dismissals for students.

The ZoomX platform takes the wasted-time and stress out of carpool and dismissal instructions with a solution that is fast and easy for teachers and staff, and simple and convenient for parents, and more secure for students.

With ZoomX, in just seconds teachers and staff can instantly see parent carpool and dismissal updates on the school-side Dashboard. And, parents enjoy the fast, easy and convenient ZoomX parent mobile app.

Give Your Teachers One Fast and Easy Place to See Dismissals

With one click on the ZoomX Dashboard, all of your school’s teachers and staff will be updated, and on the same page, for parent carpool and dismissal instructions for every student. No more confusion between parents-staff. No wasted time forwarding instructions from staff-to-staff.

Use Any Connected Device for Easy Access the ZoomX Dashboard

Put the power of ZoomX in the hands of your teachers and staff. No need for device-specific hardware. Your school can connect to the ZoomX Dashboard from any web-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone. So every staff is connected, and you can use the devices you already have.

Get Parent Updates Instantly

With a click of a button, your teachers will be updated instantly with their parent updates for carpool and dismissal instructions. Because a parent’s life is hectic, and carpools, practices and games change. But your teachers and staff don’t need to worry. They’ll get the latest update in a click of button.

Give your parents the gift of time and ease

Empower your parents with the ZoomX parent mobile app, and they will be forever grateful. The iPhone or Android mobile app is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way for parents to send and update carpool and dismissal instructions. It saves time and cuts stress and confusion for parents, teachers, staff and students.

Get your Teachers Back to Teaching

Help your teachers get back to teaching your students. Using the ZoomX Dashboard, your teachers can see carpool and dismissal instructions, as well as afterschool transition instructions, updated instantly with a click of a button. So, they can quit spending time with ill-fitting workflows or software, and get back to their main focus of their students and teaching.

Update Attendance and Staff Notes Instantly

Give your teachers and staff the fastest and easiest way to communicate and update attendance and school-day notes, the ZoomX Dashboard. With just a tap or click, teachers and staff can take attendance for afterschool, or make a day note for pickup or any other reason, for any school student. So, your entire school’s staff is on the same page, instantly.

Take Control of Your Dismissals

Cut Confusion, Save Time

Receive carpool and dismissal instructions faster

Quickly and easily see dismissal instructions with just a click. Teachers and staff receive parent authorizations and instructions for their student dismissals, carpools or any helpful parent notes, in the ZoomX Dashboard. And teachers can see last minute updates in case a parent is running late and needs to send a student to aftercare, or if there’s a change in carpool or pickup. Whichever way, it’s fast and easy.

Manage your Afterschool program instructions with ease.

With ZoomX it’s easy for your Afterschool staff to let your school-day teachers know where their students are going for Afterschool. With one click on the ZoomX Dashboard, your teachers will know if their students are heading to Afterschool, and where to they should go. Which saves time and cuts confusion for teachers, staff and students at the end of every school day.

Coordinate your attendance and staff notes easily.

ZoomX makes it easy to manage attendance for Afterschool, Pickups, or doctors appointments. With a click, check students in or out. With a click, teachers and staff can add notes for other staff for a student if the need arises. And student pickups can be updated easily with the ZoomX automatic Picked Up setting, or manually if a school prefers. Because flexibility and efficiency are built into the ZoomX platform.

The ZoomX Dismissal, Pickup, Afterschool and Traffic Study modules are powerful alone but they were built to work even better together.



Many K-8 schools are burdened with insufficient, outdated or mismatched dismissal workflows that waste teacher, staff and parent time. ZoomX replaces those wasteful systems with a platform that provides more secure dismissals in a fast and easy way that cuts stress, cuts confusion, and saves up to 3,000 teacher, staff and parent hours each year.


Afterschool pickups, long carlines, and congestion pain parents nearly as much as they do school administrators who must answer the complaints of parents and neighbors alike. Zoomx cuts the stress, pollution and wasted time of afterschool pickups, and speeds the carline, with its app to connect and coordinate drivers, carpools, and school staff in a way that can cut up to 1,500 hours each year.


Schools face a daunting slate of tasks in managing afterschool programs, and often must use inefficient, mismatched, or partial solutions. ZoomX offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to communicate program transitions to teachers and staff, manage enrollment, take attendance, and quickly and easily manage billing for drop-in students.


Until now, to cut long pickup carlines, schools have had to choose between having no actionable traffic data, or paying the high cost of a traditional traffic study. But, with ZoomX Traffic Study, schools can get a data-driven, “living” traffic study at a fraction of the cost.

Start providing faster
and more secure dismissals today

With a platform that is fast and easy to use, getting started with saving time and providing more secure dismissals is simple.

ZoomX puts all the information your teachers and staff need, in one easy place, in the ZoomX Dashboard

  • Instant Updates

    With one easy click, teachers and staff will see latest dismissal updates for their students.

  • Carpool Instructions

    Teachers and staff receive carpool authorization and instructions directly from their parents.

  • Dismissal Instructions

    Whether scheduled, or last minute update, teachers see dismissal instructions for their students.

  • Staff Notes

    Staff use a quick and easy place to note for other staff any student updates for the day.

  • Parent Notes

    Parents give teachers and staff helpful and comforting notes for their students.

  • Afterschool Instructions

    Afterschool staff use the easy program to give teachers Afterschool instructions for their students.

  • Attendance

    Whether for Afterschool, or mid-day, teachers and staff quickly and easily manage student attendance.

  • My Student View

    Teachers take advantage of the easy to use My Student View, to see just their students.

  • Device Flexibility

    All teachers and staff take advantage of device flexibility, to use any web-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Try for Free. Then enjoy the most affordable dismissal and afterschool platform available

No matter school size, we make smart dismissals and afterschool accessible for any school.


Take control of your carpools, dismissals and pickups with this powerful, easy-to-use platform.

  • Dismissal & Pickup Dashboard
  • Carpool Instructions
  • Parent Dismissal Notes
  • Instant Dismissal Updates
  • Driver & Carpool Authorization
  • Realtime Pickup Arrival Updates
  • Automatic Checked Out Record


Manage your dismissals and afterschool program and capture more revenue with this integrated platform.

  • Basic level features and tools, plus ...
  • Afterschool Management Dashboard
  • Integration with Dismissal Management Dashboard
  • Drop-in Billing
  • Afterschool Transition Instructions
  • Afterschool Attendance
  • Afterschool Class Management
  • Student Program Enrollment
  • Pickup Arrival Updates
  • Pickup & Checked Out Record
  • Billing Reports


Cut your carline traffic congestion with the traffic reports you need, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Advanced level features and tools, plus...
  • Living Traffic Study
  • Site-specific data
  • Data-driven Reports
  • At-a-Glance Summary
  • Actionable reports
  • Reports for Use Permits
  • Month/Week Reports
  • Day-of-Week Breakdowns
  • Time-of-Day Details
  • Hardware-Free Traffic Study