Fast, Easy, More Revenue

The ZoomX Dashboard is so easy to use, and flexible to adjust to all of our afterschool needs.

Programs Director

With ZoomX, we’re capturing thousands in lost revenue every month. And the billing is so much faster and easier, it saves us days at the end of every monthly billing cycle.

Afterschool Director

Afterschool Management

With ZoomX Afterschool you’ll save teacher and staff time while providing your students more secure dismissals, and capturing more revenue.

Schools offering afterschool programs face such significant logistical challenges it's like running a school within a school. Hundreds of students, dozens of afterschool programs, managing program offerings and enrollment. Integrating it all with the normal school-day staff and routine. And, of course, taking attendance, tracking usage, and capturing revenue.

ZoomX solves that problem.

Many schools still use a homemade solution or software that is well-intended but mis-matched to the K-8 afterschool setting and dynamics. These systems may solve part of the problem, but not all of it.

The ZoomX platform is a fully integrated solution that is fast and easy for teachers and staff, and simple yet powerful for afterschool program administrators and directors.

With ZoomX, in just seconds teachers and staff see which afterschool program their students are signed up for, and can quickly and easily manage student transitions and attendance. And, when it comes to managing drop-in aftercare and other programs, ZoomX provides a fast and easy solution that captures more revenue, easier, than other systems.

Capture More Revenue with Easy Drop-in Student Management

ZoomX makes capturing added revenue for drop-in students faster and easier. ZoomX attendance, picked-up, and reporting features translate to increased revenue in a way that's fast and easy for your staff. Which means more revenue, and less staff time to get it.

Save Time with Faster and Easier Program Management

With ZoomX, it's simple for afterschool directors to manage their catalog of afterschool programs. In a minute, directors can create or edit an afterschool program. From details like day-of-week, teacher, location and date-range, it's a snap.

Give your Teachers and Staff Quick Program Enrollment Management

With a click, teachers and staff can add or remove student enrollment for an afterschool program session, or drop-in. Which saves staff time, gets teachers and staff on the same page, and speeds drop-in billing.

Provide Faster, More Secure Afterschool Dismissals, Pickups

With a glance at the ZoomX Dashboard, your entire entire school staff can see which students are checked in, checked out, or pickeded up. Plus, staff can see when a student's ride is arriving, which means staff can coordinate pickups to speed the pickup line and cut congestion. Which not only cuts wasted time, it means more secure student dismissals.

Give Teachers and Staff Easy Access to Program Transitions, Rosters and Attendance

A simple check of the ZoomX Dashboard lets schoolday teachers and afterschool staff alike know which students go where, and for which afterschool programs. And in a snap, they can manage student attendance, checked-in, checked-out and picked-up. All from the ZoomX Dashboard.

Save Time with Fast, Easy Billing Reporting

With ZoomX, it's fast and easy to generate billing reporting. With just a couple couple of clicks, it's simple for staff to create billing reports for drop-in, or other afterschool programs. So, in seconds, staff can share afterschool enrollment, usage and billing with the school billing department.

Make Your Afterschool Run Smoother,
Capture More Revenue

Cut Confusion, Wasted Time and Lost Revenue

Ease student transitions to afterschool

Communicating and coordinating with your schoolday teachers can be key to helping their students smoothly get to your programs. ZoomX makes it simple: when you add a student to your afterschool program, it appears on the student's schedule for their homeroom teacher (and staff) to see. Cutting confusion and saving time.

Manage afterschool attendance easily

ZoomX makes Afterschool attendance quick and easy. Of course you need to know who's on campus, and who's left. But ZoomX gives you more, with check in, out, and pickup time-stamps. So, attendance is not only a snap, it's also a lot more valuable.

Manage drop-in students faster and easier,
and capture more revenue

Many schools struggle with recording and managing billing for drop-in students, whether for aftercare or other programs. ZoomX makes it easy by integrating with ZoomX attendance and pickup modules, so staff can quickly determine which students should be added to a billable afterschool program. This lets schools accurately bill for drop-ins, and capture the drop-in revenue otherwise lost.

Take the headache
out of billing reports

At many schools, creating billing reports is a monthly task that is dreaded, time-consuming, and revenue-losing. But, it doesn't have to be. ZoomX provides fast and easy way to create and export afterschool billing reports for school billing departments. With a couple of clicks, the report is created, exported and off to the billing department. Effortlessly.

The ZoomX Dismissal, Pickup, Afterschool and Traffic Study modules are powerful alone but they were built to work even better together.



Many K-8 schools are burdened with insufficient, outdated or mismatched dismissal workflows that waste teacher, staff and parent time. ZoomX replaces those wasteful systems with a platform that provides more secure dismissals in a fast and easy way that cuts stress, cuts confusion, and saves up to 3,000 teacher, staff and parent hours each year.


Afterschool pickups, long carlines, and congestion pain parents nearly as much as they do school administrators who must answer the complaints of parents and neighbors alike. Zoomx cuts the stress, pollution and wasted time of afterschool pickups, and speeds the carline, with its app to connect and coordinate drivers, carpools, and school staff in a way that can cut up to 1,500 hours each year.


Schools face a daunting slate of tasks in managing afterschool programs, and often must use inefficient, mismatched, or partial solutions. ZoomX offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to communicate program transitions to teachers and staff, manage enrollment, take attendance, and quickly and easily manage billing for drop-in students.


Until now, to cut long pickup carlines, schools have had to choose between having no actionable traffic data, or paying the high cost of a traditional traffic study. But, with ZoomX Traffic Study, schools can get a data-driven, “living” traffic study at a fraction of the cost.

Start providing faster
and more secure dismissals today

With a platform that is fast and easy to use, getting started with saving time and providing more secure dismissals is simple.

ZoomX puts all the information your teachers and staff need, in one easy place, in the ZoomX Dashboard

  • Drop-in Billing

    As simple as a click, a student can be added to a drop in program like aftercare.

  • Billing Reports

    ZoomX makes creating afterschool billing reports a breeze that takes just a minute.

  • Afterschool Transition Instructions

    Whether scheduled, or last minute update, teachers see afterschool transition instructions for their students.

  • Attendance

    Whether by program, grade or other, afterschool staff quickly and easily manage student attendance.

  • Afterschool Class Management

    In seconds afterschool directors or staff and quickly create or update their afterschool program catalog of classes.

  • Student Program Enrollment

    With a simple click, a student can be added or removed from an afterschool program class roster.

  • Pickup Status Updates

    Afterschool staff see in real-time five levels of updates for afterschool student pickups.

  • Pickup & Checked Out Record

    ZoomX notes when and by whom a student has been checked-in, checked-out or picked-up, to cut confusion and provide more secure pickups.

  • Driver & Carpool Authorization

    Schools receive parent authorization for student pickups and carpools when the driver uses the ZoomX mobile app for a pickup.

Try for Free. Then enjoy the most affordable dismissal and afterschool platform available

No matter school size, we make smart dismissals and afterschool accessible for any school.


Take control of your carpools, dismissals and pickups with this powerful, easy-to-use platform.

  • Dismissal & Pickup Dashboard
  • Carpool Instructions
  • Parent Dismissal Notes
  • Instant Dismissal Updates
  • Driver & Carpool Authorization
  • Realtime Pickup Arrival Updates
  • Automatic Checked Out Record


Manage your dismissals and afterschool program and capture more revenue with this integrated platform.

  • Basic level features and tools, plus ...
  • Afterschool Management Dashboard
  • Integration with Dismissal Management Dashboard
  • Drop-in Billing
  • Afterschool Transition Instructions
  • Afterschool Attendance
  • Afterschool Class Management
  • Student Program Enrollment
  • Pickup Arrival Updates
  • Pickup & Checked Out Record
  • Billing Reports


Cut your carline traffic congestion with the traffic reports you need, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Advanced level features and tools, plus...
  • Living Traffic Study
  • Site-specific data
  • Data-driven Reports
  • At-a-Glance Summary
  • Actionable reports
  • Reports for Use Permits
  • Month/Week Reports
  • Day-of-Week Breakdowns
  • Time-of-Day Details
  • Hardware-Free Traffic Study