Welcome to ZoomX!

Welcome teachers and staff,

Thank you for using ZoomX to help your school provide more secure student dismissals, cut the pickup carline congestion and wait times, and save up to 1,500 teacher-hours, and 1,500 parent-hours, each year.

Getting started is easy:

1. Set your password

Your school has created an account for you with your school email address. If they’ve given you a password, then use it to login. If not, click to reset password to activate your account and set your password.

2. Visit the Staff Guide

Visit the Staff Guide to learn how fast and easy ZoomX is to use. (Go to zoomx.us > log in > Staff menu > Staff Guide > Quick Start).

3. Use ZoomX Daily

On any web-connected laptop, tablet or smartphone, login at zoomx.us, then simply take a few seconds each day to check the ZoomX Dashboard to get up to the second updates, and to manage

Staff-Parent Pro tip:

If you’re a parent of a student at your school (in addition to being a teacher or staff at your school), remember to check the Welcome > Parent page for fast and easy instructions on using the ZoomX parent mobile app.

Thank you for using ZoomX to help your school provide more secure dismissals, faster afterschool pickup lines and to save time for parents, teachers, staff and neighbors.

Support: Please let us know if you have any questions at: support@zoomx.us