The ZoomX Dismissal, Pickup, Afterschool and Traffic Study modules are powerful alone but they were built to work even better together.



Many K-8 schools are burdened with insufficient, outdated or mismatched dismissal workflows that waste teacher, staff and parent time. ZoomX replaces those wasteful systems with a platform that provides more secure dismissals in a fast and easy way that cuts stress, cuts confusion, and saves up to 3,000 teacher, staff and parent hours each year.


Afterschool pickups, long carlines, and congestion pain parents nearly as much as they do school administrators who must answer the complaints of parents and neighbors alike. Zoomx cuts the stress, pollution and wasted time of afterschool pickups, and speeds the carline, with its app to connect and coordinate drivers, carpools, and school staff in a way that can cut up to 1,500 hours each year.


Schools face a daunting slate of tasks in managing afterschool programs, and often must use inefficient, mismatched, or partial solutions. ZoomX offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform to communicate program transitions to teachers and staff, manage enrollment, take attendance, and quickly and easily manage billing for drop-in students.


Until now, to cut long pickup carlines, schools have had to choose between having no actionable traffic data, or paying the high cost of a traditional traffic study. But, with ZoomX Traffic Study, schools can get a data-driven, “living” traffic study at a fraction of the cost.

Start providing faster
and more secure dismissals today

With a platform that is fast and easy, saves time, and provides more secure dismissals, getting started is simple.

Get your teachers back to teaching

ZoomX lets your teachers teach. Not waste time with outdated or mismatched dismissal workflows. ZoomX is fast and easy for teachers and staff. One click, and teachers and staff are up-to-date, and on the same page. So, they can get back to their students and teaching.

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More secure Dismissals

Built from the ground up for the dynamic K-8 dismissal environment, ZoomX includes safeguards for more secure dismissals. It cuts confusion, connects parents to their school for carpool and dismissal authorizations, and provides dual attendance updates for both parents and staff.

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Fast and Easy to Use

ZoomX was specifically designed and built to meet the needs unique to K-8 schools, and their dynamic dismissal and afterschool challenges. And that means a platform that is fast and easy to use. That connects parents, teachers and staff. And that can be updated in a click.

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Immediate Return on Investment

ZoomX saves schools annually up to 1,500 teacher-staff hours, 1,500 parent hours, and captures revenue on up to 850 student-drop-ins. Which means a school can immediately earn, and continue to earn each year, a Return On Investment (ROI) of up to 10x of the affordable ZoomX subscription price. Which is one great ROI!

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See How ZoomX Helps Schools Take control of afterschool dismissals, programs and pickups.

The specialized ZoomX platform gives schools the fast and easy tool they need to manage afterschool transitions, dismissals, and pickups for hundreds of students every school-day. All in a way that saves valuable teacher, staff and parent time, and cuts carline stress and congestion. As well as helping capture more afterschool drop-in revenue.

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